Thursday, May 21, 2015
Objavljeno u ERC 2015, News, Video
Bijel buk 06

Banjaluka, May 21 2015 – The first official competition of the ERC in Banjaluka started with races in the U19 and U23 category, and then in the Master category. Competitors from whole Europe are delighted by hospitality of the organizers and residents. They are satisfied with the river, course, organization, logistic support…

“Banjaluka is an amazing city. The river is fantastic. We are in Banjaluka for the first time, but British teams have already had great success in your city, on the Vrbas river. I hope that we will also continue along this path. However, I like Banjaluka, but I like the river the most. This is our first competition here, but I must say that everything is perfectly organized. Food is excellent, and we keep beer for Sunday, when we expect a big party with the hosts”, says Charlie Lodge, a member of the British crew.


“The course and the river are very challenging. We will have to give our best, because the race will be really difficult. Of course, I would like to come to Banjaluka again after the Championship”, Lodge adds.

Mihael Mares ROM

This is not the first time that Mihael Mareš, the captain of the Romania national rafting team, is in Banjaluka. “We were here a few years ago, on training, but we participate in the ERC in your city for the first time. It is incredible how much effort the organizers put into this competition. It is fantastic! The water is very clean, rapids are large, and every course that we have tried is excellent.”

David Katsarava GEO

David Katsarava from Georgia is in Banjaluka for the second time. “I was here 6 years ago for the first time, in the WRC and it was great. I must say that then I fell in love with Banjaluka and with this country. The atmosphere at the Championship is really good, and the people are very hospitable.”

“I am surprised with the nature and environment. Everyone is very hospitable and the atmosphere is really excellent. The river is more challenging than I expected, especially the Bijeli buk course. It will be very interesting to see who will be the winner”, says Karol Marton from Slovakia.

Karol SVK

“We are in Banjaluka for the first time.  We like the environment. I would especially commend back, because when you come back, the boats are ready”, says Simon Brucz, a member of the Denmark crew.

Simon Brucz DEN

The most interesting races are waiting for us. Sprint and H2H in the Open category are scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am. Sprint and H2H are performed today on the Bijeli buk course in the U23, U19 and Master category.


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