About us

Rafting club Kanjon was established as a non-profit organization in 2003 year. The club aims to promote and popularize rafting and  adventure sports, take part in competitions, organize ecological action, protect The Vrbas Canyon, to cooperate with reputable sports organizations and enhance the touristic  development potentials of the Vrbas and BIH. Rafting club Kanjon in past ten years organized many ecological regattas and important competitions- European Rafting Championship in 2005 year in category R5 and The World Rafting Championship in category R6. Kanjon’s story started with ecological regatta 2003. year. Almost 300 people took part and many of them are well known and respected in Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Hercegovina.In short time period we managed to reach our goal-volunteers collected few tones of waste ,scrap metal and debris. As a result, we started using biofilters to help maintain water quality.We organized Vrbas ecological regatta and gathered nature and sport lovers.Last year we organized long rafting regatta. The two rivers of Vrbas and Sava linked the two cities of Banja Luka, BiH and Belgrade, Serbia through this amazing regatta which lasted from the 23rd September to the 6th October. The aim of this first regattas, which next year will become an international tradition, was the establishment of new rafting clubs and the promotion of river tourism in all the municipalities along the route of the regatta. It was also to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the ecology of the river, to work on the promotion of other nautical disputes and to connect the people living along these rivers. During the race all the local communities that gravitated towards the River Vrbas and Sava were actively involved in the event, which contributed to the popularization of the sport of rafting.Thanks to this Banjaluka , Vrbas and BiH became regional extreme sports center. In 2005, the European Championships in Rafting were held on the Vrbas river. According to the International Rafting Federation, “The event was hugely successful and the hosts are to be praised for the exemplary manner in which they ran the event, managed the media and looked after the competitors, staff and spectators”. In May 2009 the World Championships were held on the Vrbas and Tara rivers.It was the most important sport invent in BiH since Winter Olimpics in 1984. year.It is honour to inform you that Rafting club Kanjon is hosting European rafting championship R6 for youth, yunior , master and open and it will be the biggest championship since.It will be another skills test for us and we hope to be successful. In all these year professional press tim provided information and made Banjaluka extreme sport center, and rafting one of the most popular sports. Also, teams from BIH and RS became very successful and won medals in past few years. Our enthusiasm is being  recognized in region and Europe.But this is just beginning. We plan to promote ecology nad extreme sport in the future.